Stories from the Community

The communities we serve are filled with some of the most moving people stories you’ve ever heard. They are stories of perseverance with light and hope at the end of the tunnel.


During the past few weeks, the team has interviewed a number of motorbike mechanics looking for the right place to get the boys training. Most offered to provide a month of training and then let the boys do what they could to earn money after that.


The little ones’ mother has been traced and we are expecting her to return to Kampala this week. Then we can begin to work with her to find a way for her and her children to survive.


There are 8 more children abandoned in our community. These kids are currently living in a church building and getting scraps from church goers. We prioritized the children on the streets, but these kids will also need help.


The Boys parents have been traced. The mother has a new husband with 3 children and is not willing to take the kids in. The father is willing to take the children, but the children say they would rather go back to the tin shack we found them in. Finding a way forward is complicated.

Faisal’s Journey

Faisal is one of 5 kids left orphaned when their mom and dad died. The other 4 children were apparently older and in better condition than him. So far, it is not clear where the other 4 children have gone, but we do now know that Faisal is staying with an Aunty.

Baby Jacob

When they brought Jacob to uS, he weighed 1.48kg. Originally the bear ran from his hip past his ears and his knees were wrinkly when he arrived. Initially, he was eating about 20ml per feeding but today, he takes about 50ml each time. He’s grown a lot stronger since.

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