Shelter for Hundreds of Students

September 10, 2009

In 2009, Bruce Friesen felt we needed to partner with a Ugandan charity called King’s Kid Home School to replace temporary classrooms with a real school building. King’s Kid operates an orphanage and school in Mityana Uganda and they badly needed permanent school buildings to shelter more than 400 students.  The CAM team (and the entire congregation of Lion of Judah Church in Victoria BC) rose to this challenge and raised about $50,000 to erect the first of 3 school buildings.

The original temporary school building had dirt floors where students studied as the rain ran under their feet. The new building would shelter the children from the elements and vastly improve their school environment.

This picture shows the first of 3 permanent 5 class school buildings completed in March of 2010.

Children Arise Ministries
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