Profound Learning is an empowerment model of learning that elevates student learning to heights not achievable using the traditional ‘command and control’ industrial age model of education. Allowing students to take control of and responsibility for their own learning has proven to increase motivation and the effectiveness of learning. Along with high academic excellence, the Profound Learning model prepares students for their future with a focus on innovation and creativity.

Personalised Learning

We enable the time to learn to be variable while the quality of learning is held tight.

Attaining Mastery

Our focus is on formative and student self-assessment. The goal is mastery, which is achieved by having timely assessments initiated by students and teachers. We define a smart student as one who is able to identify what they don’t know and are able to close the gaps in their learning.

Empowering Students

Students are empowered to take responsibility for their learning using various tools resulting in ownership and mastery of learning.

Shifting Roles

Our platform enables the role of the teacher to shift from an instructor to a designer of powerful and engaging brain-based learning experiences.


Step into a class at Masters Academy & College. Learn more about how Profound Learning actually works. Experience Imaginal Education through their many videos.

Imaginal Education

Why have virtually all attempts to reform education around the world ended in failure? The traditional system of education was created to serve the industrial age, but our world has dramatically changed since then. We need to prepare students for the world of tomorrow.

Future by Design

Students at Master’s Academy & College combine their physics studies with robotics and C++ programming. The end result was a robotic project that could compete at the world robotics championships in Louisville Kentucky.

Change Is Possible

Tom Rudmik and his Imaginal Education team speak to leaders in Nigeria about transforming their system of education. Today, Nigeria has already launched a prototype school based on the Profound Learning education system.

Qyantum Trailblazers

Students travel through time to experience historical events and bring those events to life through journalism. Witness engaged and empowered students take on research, documentation and presentation roles as they become Canadian history experts and become teachers.

The Greatest Thrill

The role of the teacher has to shift from just a deliverer of data, to the creater of an environment where children feel that the information being delivered is meaningful and that they have an emotional connection to it. If meaning and emotion are created, Profound Learning (true understanding) will take place.

Transform a Nation through Education

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