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Your financial partnership will transform the lives of Ugandan children!

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There are other ways you can get involved …

Short-Term Missions

Partner with Arise by going on a short-term mission. It can transform your life. Would you consider joining the Arise team in Uganda and witnessing firsthand the issues children-at-risk face? Our Uganda field office hosts individuals, couples and teams every year. After your mission to Uganda, you will be uniquely able to advocate for children and explain how the western world can help them thrive!

lady partnering with Arise on mission to Uganda


Advocate for Arise Education

Partner with Arise through advocacy. Your voice counts and you can help Arise get the word out. Children in the communities where we work will be trapped in poverty without us reaching out to educate them. They can have a better life! More importantly they can become transformational in their own communities if we educate them.

Well educated, creative, innovative individuals of good character can be Uganda’s leaders, business people and parents of tomorrow creating communities where “every child has the opportunity to thrive”.

people partnering with Arise to advocate


Fundraise with your Friends

Would you enjoy sharing a cause with your friends? Perhaps you would be willing to fundraise for a Ugandan child to gain an education. You could partner with Arise and share our education project with your friends or with your social network.

Check out our Fundraiser Toolkit below for tools to help you along the way!

group of people partnering with Arise to fundraise


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