The Arise Education Strategy

The Profound Learning education system combined with discipleship and nurture will establish a benchmark for education in Uganda. The Arise education strategy will create youth who can thrive.
ugandan children learning on a tabletugandan children learning on a tablet


The Profound Learning education system developed at Master’s Academy & College in Canada is a game changer for Ugandan learners. With only one standard, “Excellence” as the benchmark, students are empowered from a young age to take ownership of their own learning.

Letting go of the old practices which focused on cramming for government tests, learners at the new Arise Education school in Uganda pursue an actual understanding of course material. Course material is brought to life through choice and experiential learning.

Learners achieve well on exams because they have fully understood the scholastic material required. They are prepared for the next class and indeed the next season of life, because they know how to learn and are empowered to do so.

mentor talking with a youthmentor talking with a youth


Ugandan communities will not be well served if knowledge is developed outside character. This is why character development (discipleship) is a pillar of our purposes at the Arise Education school in Uganda. From Primary 1 through Secondary 6, our goal is to enrich each learner with solid Biblical principles as a framework for life.

Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education.
– Martin Luther King Jr.

And character is not developed in a classroom, character development takes place in the context of experience. Blackboards are not used to develop character, learners experience this as a part of everyday life at Master’s Uganda.

child and father playing togetherchild and father playing together


An erosion of the family unit in Uganda (and other countries) has left children fending for themselves in an unforgiving landscape of options that produce failure or hardship.

Nurture: To care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing.
–  Oxford Living Dictionary

Wherever possible, the Arise Education school in Uganda encourages parents to be actively involved in their children’s growth. We recognize the significant role both mother and father play in each child’s life.

Master’s also understand however that boarding is often a requirement due to traveling distance or family circumstances. To support families, we are challenging the loss of a traditional family unit through an innovative boarding school program designed to replicate family roles while children are with us.

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