The Arise ground-team has worked with youth in the Kosovo community since moving to Kampala in February of 2016. Over the years, Arise has taught web design skills, and even helped create a media business called Era92. Today, Era92 is not only a thriving business, but it is giving back to the community by teaching other youth media skills. Through the Era92 Elevate program, youth train for 6 months with design and media professionals and then leverage these new skills to create self-employment.

Design is a technical discipline that can take many years to understand and become practiced at. While Elevate graduates have been reasonably well prepared to begin seeking work, they still have a limited scope of understanding. Most Elevate designers also have little or no real-world experience.

Arise helps freshman design graduates by providing internship positions. By employing Elevate media interns, Arise helps young designers gain experience and a solid real-world reference for their work. At the same time, Arise is able to develop a steady stream of designed work for social communications.

Arise is very pleased to welcome the first interns from the Era92 Elevate program. These interns make up our Youth Media Team and are producing graphics, photos and video which shares the work Arise is doing in Uganda.

Every 6 months, Arise will take on 2 new interns and give them experience and training in a real-world environment. These interns will develop a portfolio of work and gain a meaningful reference.

Marvin Ainebyona

Graphics Designer

I have always dreamed of having skill and making a good living. When I was unable to complete university I thought I would fail in life. I found a new beginning through the Elevate program at Era92 and started learning graphic designing. Today I am working with Arise and gaining experience for my future. Graphic design skills have gave me a future and today I am earning a living!

Reshima Namagembe

Graphics Designer

I’m a proud Christian and I love serving God with all my heart. I graduated from Elevate in 2018 with a Certificate in Graphics Design. I’m so happy to be earning a living and using the skills I learned every day. Thank you Elevate for giving me marketable skills. Thank you Arise for helping me use those skills with purpose.

Mark Kayongo


I began training to become a journalist but then realized my love for photography and videography. I have now graduated from the Elevate videography program and am excited to be part of the Arise Media Team. Thanks Arise for helping me gain valuable experience!

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