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Families often collapse when the parents are unable to provide. Many mothers struggle however because a lack of education has left them with few options and their circumstances offer few opportunity. This is systemic poverty at work and the inevitable result is family breakdown.

At Arise, we believe that education creates opportunity and business opposes poverty. These two transformational levels are applied in many situations to bring about change. Business training is therefor a key strategy to helping struggling parents find solutions to survive.

$100 can help skill a child over a course of 3 months

Alternativ Business Training

Arise has partnered with another organization (Impact Nations) to bring Alternativ business training to our community. This training is well designed, allowing our team to present a wide range of business topics (pricing, ethics, marketing, saving, record keeping, and more) to individuals with a minimal education.

Working with a local co-op bank, Arise is working toward enabling the community through business. With access to financing and understanding of business, many in the community will be able to provide for their families. These families will become places where children can thrive.

Our Graduates

Arise recently graduated a class of Alternativ business students. This group of 14 students was made up of teachers from a local school and single parent mothers working to improve their circumstances.

COVID has taken it’s toll on Ugandan’s in the same way it has elsewhere in the world. Lockdowns have closed businesses and caused a great deal of unemployment. The teachers in this class were searching for ways to stabilize their threatened income. Single mothers were looking to better business skills to find ways to create an income and support their children.

In each case, the opportunity to improve their skills and a few days to research and plan for new opportunities was significant to their families success.

The Facilitators






    Stories from the Community

    MotorBike Mechanics

    The two older boys began training as motorbike mechanics at “2 Brothers Garage”

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