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Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Thrive

ARISE helps create caring and supportive environments for orphans and vulnerable children. By equipping and empowering their caregivers and community leaders we effect sustainable development. We believe in “Building Tomorrow by Empowering Today”.

Who We Are

ARISE is a faith-based NGO that is dedicated to improving the lives of children-at-risk around the world.

  • Arise was founded and registered as a non-profit society in 2001, and has a long history of investing in the lives of children in Canada.
  • In 2010, Arise broadened its scope to address the needs of marginalized children internationally.
  • We focus on children and families who are at-risk due to systemic poverty, working to increase child and family capacity.
  • We employ a strategy of community-based care and development, education, primary health-care, and micro-enterprise to build capacity.
  • We are a values-based NGO with a history of integrity and effectiveness.

Our Mission

To transform third world education systems so that children may be fully equipped to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Our Vision

To witness generations of children thriving personally as they transform every sphere of their society through creativity and integrity.

Our Corporate Values


Our projects and programs are designed to prioritize and meet the needs of children at risk.


We actively engage with local leaders to generate lasting and sustainable change.


We multiply our efforts through collaboration and empowerment.


We achieve excellence through diligence and integrity.


Compelled by love, we are moved to action to help children-at-risk.


All financial transactions are open to scrutiny by the government and all who ask.

Why Arise?

Arise works to create environments where children have a chance to thrive. We work to alleviate poverty by supporting and empowering families. Empowering families to support themselves increases a childs chance of reaching their full potential.

Our Coalitions

We strive to be a catalyst for change in desperate communities by providing loving care, education, primary health care, and community development. We start the process of change through cultivating meaningful links between the developed and developing world.

Our coalitions have the following components:
  • Partnership with local organizations and community leaders who share our vision and values
  • Collaborative leadership to guide, direct and oversee the entire process
  • Entrepreneurs who facilitate projects through finances, labour and expertise
  • Cooperation and accountability to ensure the sustainability of individual initiatives
Our Development Strategy

Poverty leads to injustice when the support structures of family, community, and nation fail to provide for the basic needs and fundamental rights of vulnerable people. ARISE’S development model recognizes that it takes the collaborative effort of many to oppose poverty and restore justice. ARISE inspires and enables children-at-risk to rise out of hopelessness and lead their communities to create more just and equitable nations. We begin by meeting the immediate needs where possible, while working towards sustainable solutions to the fundamental issues of poverty. ARISE has a special focus on children as the most vulnerable members of society, but recognizes that whole communities must be empowered to fight against injustice together.

Our Guiding Principles

All assets purchased by ARISE will remain under the stewardship of ARISE or an ARISE designate.


Management of Arise programs and projects is conducted by ARISE team members or designated local operating groups. Management groups have a secure and established identity and relationship with ARISE and are accountable to the Arise board of directors.

Guidelines and Standards

All ARISE projects have established protocols, procedures, and standards to ensure quality and accountability.


Financial resources are directed and managed by ARISE and through partnership with agent organizations. ARISE directors and staff supervise the distribution of local funds in order to ensure strict oversight over finances.


Accountability of all ARISE operations is maintained through on-site management, a national board, regular written reports, and periodic ARISE inspections.

Our Direction and Model of Leadership

ARISE is called to address the fundamental issues of poverty and injustice that put children at risk. In order to accomplish our goals, we have a dynamic organizational structure based on the following three core values:

We promote and value synergistic relationships with people who are willing to commit to a collaborative process and who share common values and goals.
We build together with the combined strength of others, making decisions based on the input and collective wisdom of the team.
We realize that in order for ARISE to achieve its vision, we must work in relational partnerships, modeling our values while we each contribute in our areas of expertise and influence.
Our Principles for Success

These Principles for Success are achieved through our commitment to:

Security - through community-based care
  • Facilitating a home environment or community center where children-at-risk are able to find provision, safety and love

  • Providing holistic care for children-at-risk through healthy physical, spiritual, and emotional development

Capacity - through education
  • Providing access to quality education opportunities for children-at-risk

  • Helping communities develop their own capacity to care for children-at-risk through collaboration, counselling and training

Sustainability - through partnership
  • Launching and developing business ventures that allow for self-sufficiency

  • Developing partnership models that are successful and reproducible for maximized impact and sustainability.

Meet Our Team

The ARISE team has diverse skills and capacities. We share core values and are committed to transformation of communities so that children can thrive.

Bruce Friesen

Canadian Director

Paul Vermes

Canadian Director

Tony Zanon

Canadian Director

Jan Zanon

Canadian Director

Rory Campbell

Canadian Director

Lorraine Friesen

Canadian Director

Andrew Banman

Ugandan Director

Transform a Nation
through Education

Your significance is not in what you wear, what you own, or who you know. How you impacted the world around you will be what is remembered and celebrated. This is your opportunity to be a world-changer

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