Education is
Good Business

School Business Objectives

Arise Education will demonstrate that education is good business. Schools in Uganda generally fall into 1 of 3 categories; Government schools which are avoided by all but the least financially able families, International schools which are cost prohibitive to all but the very wealth, and privately run for-profit schools which make up the bulk of the educational market.

Private schools in Uganda often fail to meet the needs of children. They perpetuate the failed existing methods focused on exam results rather than student results.

Effectively educating children is a fundamental cornerstone of any society. Arise Education will equip children from any walk of life providing academic understanding, the ability to learn, and good character. Arise will produce youth who will be transformational as they become leaders in the sector or sphere the occupy as adults.

When families experience the joy of seeing their children thrive and succeed, they will actively share their experience with other families and a ground-swell of student enrollment will result. When a demand for excellence in education is created, Arise will have demonstrated how education is good business.


child learning about robotics

A Better Way of Educating

Demonstrate that Ugandan primary and secondary students can be empowered to thrive through the improved learning techniques of Profound Learning.

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Accessible to All

The schools philanthropic roots will persist with 10 to 20% of its learners being funded through scholarships. We believe children of all backgrounds are capable of contributing to Uganda’s future.

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Cost Effective

Demonstrate that an Arise Education can be cost effective and even profitable. While the proof-of-concept school may be subsidized during its startup, we will move to a cost recovery status within 5 years and expect to become profitable soon after.

Transform a Nation through Education

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