The two older boys began training as motorbike mechanics at “2 Brothers Garage” on Monday, August 10th.

During the past few weeks, the team has interviewed a number of motorbike mechanics looking for the right place to get the boys training. Most offered to provide a month of training and then let the boys do what they could to earn money after that.

These scenarios would cost about $240 CAD and we questioned whether this would help the boys much. There was one garage that seemed to know how to train. 2 Brothers Garage is run by (you guessed it) 2 brothers.

We sat with them and discussed their training program and how the kids would earn money. After hearing their plan, we felt comfortable that if the boys were attentive here they would learn.

The brothers explained to us that they had a teaching method. They would provide some theory, then the boys would watch the mechanic do the work, then the mechanic would supervise the boys doing the same work. As this is a very normal and reasonable teaching methodology, we were filled with confidence that the boys could learn in this environment. In addition to a training methodology, these 2 brothers had motorbike charts showing parts and assembly that the boys would be able to use to study the tasks. They even described a process by which the mechanic made an adjustment to a perfectly good bike and then let the apprentice practise a diagnosis and repair.

The Boys began work on Monday, August 10th at 7:AM. The shop is open 7 days a week from 7:AM to 6:PM

Training is expected to take between 6 months and 1 year depending on how fast the boys learn. The boys move on to new tasks when the mechanic sees they have understood. The boys will continue to train in a given area until they demonstrate the skill. Again, this gave our team confidence in their training methods.

Motorbike Mechanic Curriculum



Primary Tasks

Bike Parts

Body Repairs





Engine Repairs


Drive Train


Wiring Repairs

Donations have paid the tuition costs for Nelly and Nicholas ($200 CAD each). In addition, they provided 2 pairs of overalls as well as good work shoes.

After some learning takes place, the boys will start earning. They will be paid a small stipend for assisting the lead mechanic with a repair. They will also be paid fully when they perform a repair that they are qualified to do. This will be small jobs at first (tire repair, tighten a chain, etc) but as their skills grow, so will their income.

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