Arise Restricted Gift Policy

Children Arise Ministries (ARISE) is a registered Canadian charitable society (business # 86257-6818-RR0001 / society # S-0043784).

Allocation of funds is confined to Board approved programs and projects. Each contribution designated towards a Board approved program or project will be used as designated by the Board with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met or cannot be completed, the remaining contributions designated for this program or project will be reallocated where needed most.
Arise cannot accept gifts that:

  • would result in the organization losing its charitable status
  • would violate any federal, provincial or municipal laws
  • would result in any unacceptable consequences for the organization
  • are for purposes outside of the organization’s mission
  • would limit programming freedom or create potential conflicts of interest
  • require the organization to act in any fiduciary capacity with regard to the gift
  • are intended to support programs or activities peripheral to the mission of the organization

Children Arise Ministries
6021 West Saanich RD,
Victoria, BC,
Canada, V9E-2G4


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