Baby Jacob

The small orphanage which rescued our Grace called Terry a month ago and asked if she would take on a premie-baby who had been recently abandoned.  

When they brought Jacob to u, he weighed 1.48kg. Originally the bear ran from his hip past his ears and his knees were wrinkly when he arrived. Initially he was eating about 20ml per feeding but today, he takes about 50ml each time. He’s grown a lot stronger since. 

Today,he weighs 2.55kg. His legs fit his skin and the knees are getting chubby. The bear runs from his hip to about his shoulder and his face has filled out. He is more alert and far more noisy.  He is sleeping better, his diet is better and is even pooping better. He still has those baggy knees but he will grow into them. Thanks for all your support. 

Check out the before and after pics:

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