A 21st Century Education

Education systems around the world share a number of common practices that were established after World War II and designed to educate an industrial age population. These systems were designed to create factory workers in a command and control environment where all learning teacher-centric. We no longer live in an Industrial Age, we now live in a Creative Age. To educate children who can thrive today requires a 21st century education.

Master’s Academy & College is located in Calgary Canada. Serving children from Kindergarten to grade 12, Master’s has developed a 21st century education system known as Profound Learning. Profound Learning could be thought of as a suit off methods and practices that empower learning. Profound Learning places learning in the hands of the student (creating a learner-centric environment) and in this environment teachers become designers of learning experiences.

As Bruce and his wife Lorraine tour Master’s, they are struck by the level of ownership children are able and willing to take within the Profound Learning system. Bruce meets children from early grades who can confidently discuss their progress and who are clearly developing their maturity to set goals and own their own education.

Many of the Children Arise team have now attended Profound Learning workshops and toured the school to see the result of a 21st century education firsthand. Tears are often the result of imagining this level of confidence, satisfaction and capacity in Ugandan learners.

The Arise team firmly believes that Uganda can transition from its current archaic and obsolete education system directly to Profound Learning. In doing so, Uganda will not only address its own systemic poverty issues but has the potential to deliver much needed human resources that will be needed by the world.

Through the Arise Education project, a proof-of-concept school, Arise intends to demonstrate how Profound Learning combined with experiential discipleship can be foundational in transforming a nation.

Find out how Arise intends to transform Uganda through education, and how you can be a partner in the process!

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