Playground for More Than 400 Children

September 10, 2013

King’s Kid Home School supports more than 150 children on a full time basis and provides education and lunch for more than 300 additional children from the immediate community.  In 2010, a field was purchased adjacent to the school and home property ensuring that the children would always have play space.

Through the generosity of CAM team members and others associated with Lion of Judah church in Victoria BC, a 70′ x 210′ playing field provides grass for the children to run and play on.  This property was farmland and was clears and planted with grass.  In time, it is expected that playground equipment will be placed on this properly to further assist with creative child development through play.

Children Arise Ministries
6021 West Saanich RD,
Victoria, BC,
Canada, V9E-2G4


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