Replacement Water Pump

December 10, 2013

King’s Kid Home School in Mityana Uganda has been without well water for many months now as we worked with them to test the water and find the correct long term solution to address their failed pump. They had some access to town water but it was not good quality when it was available. The children were forced to walk distances at times to fetch water.

Children Arise (and Lion of Judah members) generously paid the bill to have a good quality pump installed that we will be able to add solar electricity too sometime soon. Power in Uganda is poor and off for days at a time so this will make a huge difference to water availability for the kids.

The new well pump went in without issue. The company we used (Davis & Shirtliff) was very professional and took the time to explain to Children Arise staff how they had engineered the system to accommodate the low refill rate of the King’s Kid well, a factor which shortened the life of the original solution significantly.

With a well thought out pump solution, and the eventual addition of solar power and filtration, we are very hopeful that King’s Kid now has an effective long-term solution.

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