Faisal’s Journey

Faisal is one of 5 kids left orphaned when their mom and dad died. The other 4 children were apparently older and in better condition than him. So far, it is not clear where the other 4 children have gone, but we do now know that Faisal is staying with an Aunty.

We held discussions with locals to see what can be done and a few options emerged. 

We found a long-term solution to care for little Faisal. He has moved from the village to live with a family in Mityana town near where we live. His new Tata (dad) is a local pastor while his new Mama (mom) is a nurse. Faisal’s new parents want to use their home to care for a number of kids. Given a little time, we hope to gain approval and set up sponsorship for Faisal and other children in this home through our Canadian society “Children Arise”.

Today we are calling this situation a “Family Based Children’s Home”. Rather than an orphanage setting, children are sponsored within a family setting. We feel strongly that a home is the best environment for children.

We picked Faisal up and took him to the clinic for assessment, picked up new bedding, clothing and other things Faisal will need in his new home. While Faisal will take part in family chores, he will no longer have to carry 10-litre containers of water or do other hard labour in the heat of the day. He will also have regular access to the appropriate meds, nutrition, and a family environment.

When the results came back from the lab, we found out that he is HIV+ with a terrible cough and fungus in his hair and over his body. Both his mom and dad died from the disease. 

The doctors recommended some treatment on top of a nourishing diet. It was a heartbreaking discovery but we’ve chosen to gear up our support so he can live a long and healthy life.  

Today Faisal lives with a family in Mityana and Terry and I are supporting him. 

For $50 a month, Faisal can feed well, go to school, and get weekly treatment.

There is no tax receipt for this support, just the knowledge that this little boy will be cared for and have a future.  

If you are interested in helping Faisal, we would love to hear from you!

Let’s get serious for a minute today.  In Africa there are many needs.  As Terry and I wander around the villages we meet children and hear their stories. Some kids are thriving, lots seem to have hard lives.

On a regular basis we encounter kids that need help.  Something has gone terribly wrong for them and they are at serious risk.  We can’t take them all home, so … “we do what we can, with what we have, where we are”.

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