The Little Ones

We are told that these little ones were left with their father in the community. The mother had gone home to her village seeking work and hoping to help her sick mother. While she was there the COVID lock-down occurred and she was unable to come home for a long time due to travel restrictions.

According to the mother and those our team interviewed, the father gave up waiting for the mother to come home and abandoned the children where they were in a small brick home with more than 6 months of rent due. Here the children sat without resources. When Arise engaged with the situation, the landlord was considering evicting the children as rent had not been paid.

Arise immediately negotiated another month rent for the children with the existing landlord. A local leader agreed to help with meals for these kids and so Arise provided her with some food. Then the team began looking for information about how to find the mother.

The little ones’ mother was traced to a village near Kyotera in the south and one of our workers made a trip to sit an talk with her. Mother was called Stellah and she agreed to return and be with her children but also shared that she had no way during the pandemic to support them. The Arise worker asked to return to Kampala regardless and ways would be considered to help her and her children.

Once Stellah reached her house in Kampala, the little ones were thrilled to see her. We can only imagine the hope a small child feels when they see a parent after months on their own. There was a happy reunion!

Following Stellah’s return, Arise learned that she had experience hocking (selling door-to-door) and Stellah felt this would give her a way to support the children if she had some capital to startup. Arise provided Stellah with about $80 CAD to get her business off the ground.

Further discussion with Stellah revealed her desire to sew, so Arise promised that if she was able to make her hocking business work that we would also help with sewing lessons and eventually a sewing machine. Today, Stellah is sewing beautiful children’s clothes on her own sewing machine as she was very diligent and successful with her hocking business.

Visiting this family today is a joy. They have adequate food and shelter and there is a atmosphere of hope for the future.

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