The little ones’ mother has been traced and we are expecting her to return to Kampala this week. Then we can begin to work with her to find a way for her and her children to survive.

Our local team has managed to trace the mother to a small village outside Kyotera which is not far from the Tanzania border. The mother told us that when she left the kids, their father was with them. She said that she was not aware that the kids had been left alone. We offered to relocate the kids to the village but the mother explained that they would not be welcomed.

The kids grandmother was ill when our team arrived in the village and some funds were provided to help her get medical help. Then after some careful negotiations with the kids mother, she agreed to return to Kampala to the kids but she explained that she had no way to support the family and would need some help.

We are now expecting mother to return first thing next week. We will then begin working with her to find some simple employment she could do to raise the funds she needs to support the family each month. It is possible that she can be equipped to wash clothes or sell something in order to earn a living.

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