There are 8 more children abandoned in our community. These kids are currently living in a church building and getting scraps from church goers. We prioritized the children on the streets, but these kids will also need help.

When we initially responded to the abandonment situation in our community, we were unsure how bad the issue really was. We took a walk into the slum with some locals to assess what was going on and on that day we met 16 children before I stopped the process. I felt like a doctor triaging patients as we prioritized the 8 kids in immediate need and then put the other 8 kids on a waiting list.

While we are still working to find stable home situations for the first 8 kids, they now have food and shelter. But what was going on with the other 8 kids? This morning I looked at the pictures I took of the remaining 8 kids. These kids are living in a local church. This church is a structure built out of wooden poles and tin roofing material as you can see in the pictures. They had shelter and they were getting a little food from church goers which made them a lower priority.

As I looked at these 8 kids waiting for help, I spotted a small one in each family and my heart fell. I sat thinking that these little children wake up each day knowing their parents abandoned them and they may not eat. As I thought about this I decided it was now time to begin engaging with these kids too.

So far, we’ve provided a lady living at the church with 30kgs of Maize and asked her to share a daily meal with these kids. Maize is a flour made from Corn and locals make a porridge called Posho out of it. Soon our team will begin tracing the kids families in the hope of finding someone to reunite them to.

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