Balwadi Nursery Schools

December 15, 2016

Mumbai has a population of about 20 million in an area of 600 sq kms. This is one of the most densely populated regions of the world. Mumbai is home to the extremely rich and the extremely poor. People are drawn from rural regions of India with dreams and aspirations to make a living in the ctiy.  Due to a lack of affordable accommodation however, these people often settle in slum areas.

A Balwadi (or nursery school) Children Arise in the slums provide children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old with basic education, health care and sound moral values.  Without this fundamental start toward their education, these children may never be able to enter the school system and gain an education.

With an emphasis on practical training, children are provided with a well-rounded curriculum including basic personal hygiene & manners, basic addition and subtraction, rhymes, colors, songs and dance, crafts, animals, recognition of shapes and objects, recognition of numbers, and information about fruits & vegetables.

The role of the Balwadi is especially important for slum children as it provides a positive preschool atmosphere of learning that enables these children to build social skills and gain self-confidence. These are children who might not otherwise have had the chance to experience playful learning prior to joining a formal school. Basically, Balwadis strengthen the foundation for the education system.

Children Arise supports a Mumbai Balwadi staffed by two members of the local community. Regular teachers’ training is provided as well as instruction regarding basic medical care.  Nutrition is an important component of the Balwadi their growth is monitored. Children Arise receives quarterly reports from the Balwadi via an overseer who resides in Mumbai and is responsible for the successful operation of several Balwadi schools.

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