Education in Uganda

Education in Uganda Ugandans struggle to thrive in an environment lacking in effective social services such as healthcare and education. The government presents a facade of good governance by mimicking first-world legislation and practices, but corruption...

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COVID in Uganda

COVID-19 Hits the Third-World but the Third-World seems Ready for it! Children Arise has a family living and working in Uganda. The Banman’s have been watching the COVID-19 pandemic from there and comparing how Uganda has managed the situation...

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A 21st Century Education

A 21st Century Education Education systems around the world share a number of common practices that were established after World War II and designed to educate an industrial age population. These systems were designed to create factory workers in...

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Gladys Arrives

Gladys Arrives Anyone who has stayed with us at the Arise compound in Kampala Uganda will know our security guard and caretaker January. January is a valued and trusted team member who looks after and secures the compound. January is Congolese but...

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Annet’s Story Before Arise encountered Annet, she was making a living with a small business in our community. Annet is a good business-person and was succeeding until COVID arrived and everyone began to struggle. When her business failed she...

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Baby Jacob

Baby Jacob A small orphan center in Mytyana called Terry one day and asked if she would be willing to take on a premature baby who was recently abandoned. No one knows why he was left, but he was a true orphan in this world. His has been named Jacob...

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