Education is the Key to Unlocking Potential in Children

Peter is working to establish a new education system within Uganda. This system will educate children to meet their full potential.

If you are inspired and see value in the work we are doing at Arise and we welcome your partnership. We need people who pray for us, believe in us, and support us financially. Even a small contribution on a regular basis can be critical to our mission.

I can receive contributions in the following ways:

  • Direct bank transfer (email peterjstell@gmail.com for details)
  • Online through PayPal (peterjstell@gmail.com)
  • Cash or cheques delivered to: Peter Stell, Erclei, Sandrock Hill, Crowhurst, Battle, East Sussex, TN33 9AT, UK
  • Through our personal Links International UK account (no. 3071) for tax-deductible gifts

Children Arise Ministries
6021 West Saanich RD,
Victoria, BC,
Canada, V9E-2G4


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