& Grace


Both children were malnourished when they arrived. Grace was 4.2kg at age two and needed special care when she was surrendered to local authorities.

Rapid Change

Both responded well to a good diet and love. Grace grew hair and popped teeth quickly. She was soon able to walk.

Healthy Happy & Loved

It wasn’t long at all before the kids became confident in their environment. They began to trust us and behave like they belonged in our home. I remember a distinct transition when Joshua began to leap into my arms from the couch or his bed. He was wary at first but after a number of months he began to trust that I would catch him. Today, Joshua will happily leap from the top of his bunk bed knowing daddy will not let him fall. I love the complete trust that has developed and the confidence this has brought both kids.

Today, Joshua and Grace lead transformed lives. They communicate well and are learning at a normal rate. There are no visible effects of the rough start they had in life. They are loved and respond normally to their part Canadian / part Ugandan world.

More than a New Name

At the end of 2017, we plan to begin the adoption process and make these two little treasures a part of the Banman family. This is more than a name change to us, it signals a new identity for each child within our family. When Terry and I began this journey we agreed to foster two kids in need for a time but we love Joshua and Grace as our own children today. We are excited to share our future, our resources and our family with these two amazing individuals. We look forward to celebrating their new identities as Joshua and Grace Banman.

“Children make your life important.”
Erma Bombeck

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