Family Reunion

Tracing families of these children is our number one priority. We believe that family is the best place for any child to thrive. We work to trace any close family members who are willing to take them in or facilitate reconciliation for cases of family friction between the abandoned children and their parents.

What we’ve learned is that many times, the mothers are willing to reunite with their children but lack financial assistance to be able to support them. We encourage them to return, give them micro loans to start up businesses that can support them and their families.

In cases where the family rejects the children, we seek other placement alternatives with caretakers we handpick from the community.

$100 can help track a family & get access to better housing.

Stories from the Community


The mother told us that when she left the kids, their father was with them. She said that she was not aware that the kids had been left alone.


The Boys parents have been traced. The mother has a new husband with 3 children and is not willing to take the kids in. Finding a way forward is complicated.

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