Effective Education will be a Catalyst for Transformation in the Nation

Education is a foundational building block for any society. A nation with a poorly educated population will struggle to thrive and become a breeding ground for corruption and poverty. It is our belief that change begins with the next generation. Integrity Education aims to catalyze change in Uganda by educating and empowering children.

Why Arise Education?

Members of the Integrity Education team have been working in Uganda since 2007 and we have had team members living in Uganda since 2014. Together, the local and international team has been analyzing how we could make a real difference to how children are educated in Uganda (a substantial, long-term, large-scale, measurable difference). A difference that would not only help a few individuals but could impact the greater needs of Uganda as a nation.

We believe we must target core issues to trigger a real change. We also believe that education is a gateway to other spheres of society. By producing future ready citizens that have the knowledge to thrive today as well as the ability to adapt to and create the future, Uganda’s education system will create a future where there is opportunity. These well educated and highly motivated citizens will improve the countries GDP through business activities and good governance, impact society by building strong families, and reduce corruption by increasing earning opportunities for many.

To achieve this vision, the current education system must be disrupted and something better must take it’s place. Uganda must redefine its educational target of simply passing government exams. Uganda needs to place excellence at the center of the educational process and produce future ready individuals who are able to thrive.

What are we doing different?

The Profound Learning education system is developed by the Imaginal Education team at Masters Academy & College in Alberta Canada. Profound Learning has a well documented record of results with more than 90% of their learners achieving provincial academic excellence year after year. The Profound Learning education system is currently in use in Canada, Spain, Nigeria and Brazil with other countries considering adoption. The Integrity Education team is working to bring Profound Learning to Uganda.

Profound Learning is not the education system invented in the 1950’s and designed to produce factory workers for an industrial age. Profound Learning is a completely new education system that shifts the responsibility of learning to the student (where it belongs) and tasks educators with making knowledge inviting, accessible and measurable.

In Ugandan schools today, students are considered smart if they can memorize details for tests and get a good score. Using the Profound Learning education system, students are considered smart if they know what they don’t know and have an action plan to fill the gaps. This fundamental strategy change reshapes learning, allowing students to take control of their own education. It also prepares learners to self-assess their skills and knowledge at any point in the future. These children become “future ready”.

The Integrity Education team intends to build a prototype school to demonstrate the future of education in Uganda. Using new tools and methods, this school will allow Ugandan teachers, administrators, authorities, and parents to taste-and-see the results of better educational practices.

How are we going to reshape education in Uganda?

Integrity Education believes that three specific lanes of work need to be undertaken in order to render the current Ugandan educational methods obsolete.

The initial body of work is to implement the prototype school. This school must prove not only that Profound Learning can create individuals that can thrive in Uganda but that the school can be operated on a cost recovery or profit basis. With the school in operation, educators and authorities must be educated about Profound Learning and invited to view and analyze the prototype as it matures. All stakeholders need to be engaged through advocacy. Finally, early adopters need to be helped to transition providing others with details about how to migrate away from old practices and methods.

  • Prototype Profound Learning School

    Kindergarten to Primary 7
    Secondary 1 to Secondary 6

  • Advocacy

    Promotion & Education
    Learning Aides & Training
    Transition Assistance

  • Transitioning Process

    A process built by local schools for transitioning existing schools to Profound Learning

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