Terry Banman

Terry Banman

The Banmans

Since June 2014, Andrew and Terry Banman have been living and working in Uganda. Undertaking both relief and development roles at different times, they have worked with schools, trained youth, provided care for premature babies, built and repaired homes, worked with girls in crisis pregnancy situations, helped families get off city streets, organized medical clinics, mentored youth, provided micro-loans, and started businesses. Over the years, they have developed an understanding of the culture and issues that seem to prevent Uganda from developing beyond subsistence in a society rife with corruption.

Andrew and Terry have refined the core purpose of their Uganda mission. They believe that “Every Child Deserves the Opportunity to Thrive” and they go about impacting the lives of children, youth and families by promoting business and education while also sharing their faith in Jesus.

While their grass roots efforts to make a difference helped many, Andrew and Terry eventually realized that these smaller interventions were not providing the fundamental change that would bring about sustainable impact in their community. Andrew and Terry have realized that something foundational needs to shift in order for sustainable long-term change to take place in Uganda.

Andrew Banman

Andrew Banman

The Arise Education initiative answers the question of how to bring sustainable long-term change to Uganda. Effective education is a fundamental building block that can catalyze societal change. Sewing youth with both knowledge and integrity into the Ugandan workforce will influence all spheres and eventually break the existing cycle of poverty and corruption.

Well educated, creative, innovative individuals of good character can be Uganda’s leaders, business people and parents of tomorrow. This will create communities where “every child has the opportunity to thrive”.

While helping real people in need is a fundamental component of the Banman’s mission to Uganda, Andrew and Terry have a desire to create a foundational change that can reestablish Uganda replacing subsistence and corruption with opportunity, abundance and integrity.

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