A Youth Movement

92hands is a grass-roots movement of youth who share an interest in serving their community. With perhaps a dozen leaders who live in the community, service events can be attended by 30 or even 40 youth. 92hands helps families find work, repairs houses, and helps community children with their education. As they work in the community, they share their motivation which is Jesus Christ.

Building Leaders

92hands was started by two friends (Trinity & Levixone) who had passion to share a Christmas meal with those who had nothing. Since that time 92Hands has grown and like-minded friends have joined them. Today, a group of youth operate in the community and take varying degrees of leadership based on their passion and skill levels. As each one takes ownership of the issues impacting their community, they begin to develop leadership abilities in order to address the issues.

A Culture of Service

Service is cultivated not inherited. As the example of the few is seen, others engage and the movement to help ones neighbours begins. 92hands has now been operating since 2014 and the movement is no longer owned by the two founders. The initial vision has been captured by many young people and today there is a growing number of youth associating themselves with the 92hands mission. As more and more youth share in the vision and in the work, the community as a whole becomes transformed.


Arise staff are fully engaged working with 92hands. Trinity Heavens (Arise Field Worker) is a co-founder of the movement and invests in both the work and in the lives of 92hands leaders. Andrew Banman (Arise Director) is fortunate to be involved bringing resources and engaging youth leaders to develop their capacity.
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

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