The Boys parents have been traced. The mother has a new husband with 3 children and is not willing to take the kids in. The father is willing to take the children, but the children say they would rather go back to the tin shack we found them in. Finding a way forward is complicated.

Most of the work to date has been focused on these 4 boys. We have successfully traced both their mother and their father and they both still reside in Kampala less than a few miles

from the boys. Mother now has a new partner and kids to look after and is not willing to take the boys in. The father is willing to take the boys but he also has a new partner and children.

While the father is willing to take in the boys, he currently lives in a one-room home with his wife and 3 children. He is a security guard at a market and earns 150,000 Uganda shillings a month (which is about $60 CAD).

Assuming the boys decided to stay with their father, it is felt that this home environment would be untenable and we would need to engage to help the family make a better living. It seems

however, we will not be required to invest in the father because the boys have decided they would prefer to try to find a way forward on their own.

We have had several lengthy meetings with the boys now. We have heard their thoughts on both their mother and father and they have shared clearly that they feel they are best finding work and beginning to support themselves. We have also shared a lot of reality with them about life as an adult. In the end, this decision is the boys to make and we will do all we can to help them.

At this time, the agreed upon solution with the boys is to help them stand on their own feet. The two older boys (15 & 13) will have to earn an income to provide food and shelter. In Uganda,

there is no social services department to take the boys to, nor are we aware of an NGO that has a mandate for this sort of situation.

The boys have an interest in mechanics and we see a way that they might be able to apprentice with a local mechanic and gain the skills they need.

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