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Arise believes that opportunity opposes poverty. And opportunity is created when people learn a skill or gain knowledge.

Today we are engaged in skills training in Uganda, providing youth with technical skills so they can earn in the marketplace immediately. In 2016, Arise began web design training and graduated it's first class of youth. Some are already finding employment in design and are earning a wage.

In China, the Arise team is working to find effective ways to engage with orphans who are now too old to be in care but are missing life and employment skills. Our goal is to create a system where like-minded locals can foster these young adults and help them transition into adult life successfully.

In India, slum children with parents that cannot afford pre-schooling are at a significant disadvantage. The India school system requires a baseline of knowledge before a child may enter school and these children will never attain this baseline without pre-school. Arise partners with local churches in India to implement Balwadi schools. Balwadi schools provide the necessary baseline education to slum children for free along with a meal and some basic healthcare. This jump-start to life is transformational for the children.

Together with our partners, Arise is making a significant difference where we work. Would you be willing to partner with us to change a life? Please consider contributing to the costs of educating children and youth, or engage by fundraising or advocating for our work.

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