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Village School in China

Children Arise runs a weekend school program to provide basic education for children in a small rural village in Yunnan Province. This outreach provides local children with educational activities and a simple and nutritious snack each week, which builds trust and instills value within the community. These relationships form the basis of exploring additional avenues for outreach into the village and beyond.

We recognize that education is fundamental to personal development, and so we seek to improve the lives of marginalized children by providing access to education. In addition to the under-developed rural areas in China, large urban centers are also home to large populations of migrant worker families as well as local residents who face impoverished conditions. Many of these families cannot afford to enroll their children in school and therefore must bring their kids with them to work at construction sites and markets among other places. These children are often neglected, undernourished, unhygienic, and face a future without formal education of any kind. They are also at- risk from child traffickers due to their parents’ inability to always watch over them. Children Arise is actively finding ways to engage with this need and support families through education and care programs for children.

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