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Orphan Care

Children Arise partners with local organizations in China to provide loving care and opportunity for orphans, with a special emphasis on children with special needs. This outreach provides short-term camps and community-based care for orphan children who are either in foster care awaiting adoption, or have aged-out of the national orphanages without having been adopted.

Due to a variety of social and political factors, China has a large number of orphan children with special needs. These needs include physical and mental disabilities as well as a range of challenging medical conditions. These factors mean that these children rarely have the opportunity to be adopted into a loving family. However, this also means that these children are more often released into foster care situations on a temporary or semi-permanent basis.  Once children reach maturity and have not been adopted, there are few opportunities afforded to them and many will have to fend for themselves. Children Arise is developing outreach strategies specifically to help children with HIV and girls who have aged-out of orphanages receive care, education and skills training for the future.

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