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Midwifery & Primary Health Care

Children Arise has undertaken to start a pregnancy help outreach for women in need to receive healthy pregnancy information, counseling, and basic pre-natal care. In the context of relationships built through other Arise projects, opportunities for other primary health care provision and education initiatives develop within the villages and communities in which we work.

China is home to 55 national minority people groups. Many of these groups live in remote villages without access to basic medical care of any kind. In these areas, infant and maternal mortality rates are significantly higher than the national average, especially among the underdeveloped rural districts. These areas desperately need more trained birth attendants and primary health-care providers to serve in these unreached areas.

Midwifery is a challenge in our region for a number of factors. However, we want to be able to support every effort in rural villages to provide care to those in need and to build capacity by training local women and others to provide life-saving midwifery and other primary health care. Children Arise seeks to provide quality midwifery care and childbirth education in communities that are isolated by geography or other challenges in order to work toward achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 of reducing infant and maternal deaths in the developing world.

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