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Ankannagudem School

Ankannagudem is a remote tribal village 350km away from Hyderabad, the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh in southern India.  It is mainly populated by the Koya indigenous people.  There is no children’s home to provide food and shelter for neglected or abused kids in the radius of 50km and no English-medium school in the radius of 29km.  Children educated in local language schools learn English as one out of 8 subjects.  With limited English abilities, their opportunities are scarce, and they cannot easily break out of the cycle of poverty.

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Replacement Water Pump

King's Kid Home School in Mityana Uganda has been without well water for many months now as we worked with them to test the water and find the correct long term solution to address their failed pump. They had some access to town water but it was not good quality when it was available. The children were forced to walk distances at times to fetch water.

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Playground for More Than 400 Children

King's Kid Home School supports more than 150 children on a full time basis and provides education and lunch for more than 300 additional children from the immediate community.  In 2010, a field was purchased adjacent to the school and home property ensuring that the children would always have play space.

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Bukanaga School Lunches

Bakanaga is a small rural village outside Mityana in Uganda.  This village is home to perhaps 1200 people and is located on a narrow strip of land between a lake and nation park lands.  Children in Bukanaga were forced to walk several miles each day to attend school until a school was started locally by a local town leader and Pastor named Cissy.

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Wotakujong - South Sudan

Wotakujong is a small village 5 bumpy hours southwest of Juba, the capital city of South Sudan.  This village is home to approximately 12 thousand people who do not have cars and who's houses are build using traditional materials such as mud and straw.  There is no electricity in this village, and the nearest town with shops is a multi-hour walk.  Water is drawn from community wells and villagers often walk miles to draw it.

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Replacement of Washed Out Latrines

In April 2010 the toilets at King's Kid Home School in Mityana Uganda began crumbling. These toilets were constructed over a dirt pit and an extra heavy wet season undermined the brick structure.  The latrines cracked and became unsafe for the 150 children living at the home to use.

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Shelter for Hundreds of Students

In 2009, Bruce Friesen felt we needed to partner with a Ugandan charity called King's Kid Home School to replace temporary classrooms with a real school building. King's Kid operates an orphanage and school in Mityana Uganda and they badly needed permanent school buildings to shelter more than 400 students.  The CAM team (and the entire congregation of Lion of Judah Church in Victoria BC) rose to this challenge and raised about $50,000 to erect the first of 3 school buildings.

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